About Us

Longhunter Custom Ammunition is a family run business specializing in providing quality ammunition in (5) Classic African calibers for use in non-dangerous game applications. We offer reduced recoil loads for the 375 Holland & Holland Magnum, 416 Rigby and Remington Magnum, 458 Winchester Magnum, and the 458 Lott.

Our reduced velocity loads all yield velocities in the 2000-2200 fps range, while our medium velocity loads are in the 2400-2500 fps range. The exception to this is our reduced velocity load for the 458 Winchester Magnum with a 500 grain bullet. The velocity on this particular load is about 1500 fps.

As you peruse our website it is obvious that we are not trying to push the velocity and power envelope for these cartridges. Quite frankly there is no reason to. If you are looking for full power loads there are plenty already out there for you to chose from.

What we are striving to do is give the hunter or shooter the opportunity to use a heavy caliber rifle with loads suitable for non-dangerous game applications in North America or abroad. Do not mistake reduced velocity and medium velocity loads for pipsqueak rounds. They are not. These loads provide ample power for their intended purpose. I have included analogies in each section of the website devoted to each of these cartridges. These analogies reference various other cartridges that most shooters and hunters are familiar with and provide a point of reference for the power level of each particular load.

    Our reasons for offering this line of ammunition are quite simple:
  • We have long been fascinated by dangerous game hunting and the cartridges and guns used for it.
  • The only way to become proficient with a heavy caliber rifle is through use and practice. An excellent way to do this is to use these rounds and firearms for all around hunting tools. Our ammunition provides hunters and shooters with this opportunity if they so chose.
  • There is no such thing as having too much gun when hunting game animals. We feel that every hunter and shooter should learn to use the heaviest caliber they are comfortable with and can handle proficiently. Look over our website and give some of our ammunition a try.

After all, who can pickup a rifle in one of these calibers and if not for a brief instant, smell the red dust of Africa, or feel the chill of the North wind as it cuts across the Arctic Tundra. Even, if we are only headed for our deer stand on the back 40.

Good luck and good hunting.