375 H&H Magnum

In the year of 1912 Holland and Holland introduced what has become arguably the greatest all around hunting cartridge of all time. The 375 is accurate, flat shooting, and has been used quite successfully on ever game animal in the world. This round has become universally recognized as the all around caliber for world wide hunting. As the 375 approaches its 100th birthday there isn’t any doubt that it is the King of the medium bores. I doubt that the next 100 years will change its status. The 375 is my personal favorite.

Reduced Velocity Loads
Hornady 225 grain spire point$46.99/box
Hornady 220 grain flat point$46.99/box
Sierra 200 grain flat point$46.99/box
Hornady 270 grain spire point$49.99/box

Medium Velocity Loads
Hornady 225 grain spire point$52.99/box
Hornady 220 grain flat point$52.99/box
Sierra 200 grain flat point$52.99/box
Speer 235 grain semi spitzer$53.99/box
Barnes 235 grain TSX flat base$65.99/box
Sierra 250 grain GameKing$57.99/box
Nosler 260 grain Accubond$62.99/box
Nosler 260 grain Partition$66.99/box
Hornady 270 grain spire point$55.99/box
Speer 270 grain BT spire point$59.99/box
Barnes 270 grain TSX flat base$67.99/box


Load Performance Analogies

    Reduced Velocity Loads

  • 200-225 grain bullets comparable to the 375 Winchester Big Bore for the Model 94 Lever Action.
  • 270 grain bullets will be comparable to the 375 JD Jones round fired from a 14-16” pistol barrel.

    Medium Velocity Loads

  • 200-225 grain bullets will provide performance similar to the 338 Federal or 358 Winchester rounds.
  • 235, 250, and 260 grain bullets will approximate the performance of the 35 Whelen, 350 Remington Magnum, and the 338-06 with comparable bullet weights.
  • 270 grain bullet load will turn in performance close to the 9.3 x 62 round.