458 Lott

Noted gun writer and hunter Jack Lott developed this wildcat round. A-Square standardized it in 1998. The Lott is based on a standard belted magnum case that is 2.8” long. This is 0.3” longer than the 458 Winchester Magnum. One of the nice benefits of the Lott is that the standard factory chamber will allow the use of 458 Winchester Magnum ammunition to be fired in the 458 Lott. Since 458 Winchester Magnum rounds can be fired in a 458 Lott we do not offer reduced loads for the Lott with 300 or 350 grain bullets. Instead we would suggest that you use our reduced loads for the 458 Winchester Magnum with 300 and 350 grain bullets. If you are using a Lott rifle that has a custom chamber please have it checked by a competent gunsmith before firing 458 Winchester ammo in it.

Reduced Velocity Loads
Hornady 500 grain round nose$73.99/box
Barnes 500 grain TSX flat base$90.99/box

Medium Velocity Loads
Hornady 350 grain round nose$65.99/box
Speer 350 grain Mag Tip$68.99/box
Barnes 350 grain TSX flat base$83.99/box


Load Performance Analogies

    Reduced Velocity Loads

  • 500 grain bullet loads are about the equivalent of factory 458 Winchester Magnum loads. Please note that you can also use our reduced 458 Winchester magnum 500 grain loading to further reduce recoil remember to have custom chambers checked prior to firing 458 Win. Mag. ammo in them.

    Medium Velocity Loads

  • 350 grain bullet loads are in the same class as our medium velocity loads for the 416 Rigby, 416 Remington , and the 458 Winchester Magnum. The load for the Lott exceeds the velocity generated by these other loads by about 100 fps (+/-)