458 Winchester Magnum

The 458 Winchester Magnum was introduced in 1956. This was the first American factory big bore round designed specifically for African dangerous game hunting. The 458 has been very successful and is widely used in much of Africa by both Professional Hunters and their clients. The 458 gives you the power of the Old English Double Rifle rounds yet it fits in a standard length bolt action rifle. The 458 has been the parent of some of the most successful magnum rifle rounds ever offered these include: the 338 Winchester Magnum, the 300 Winchester Magnum, and the 264 Winchester Magnum.

Reduced Velocity Loads
Hornady 300 grain hollow point$56.99/box
Speer 300 grain Unicor FNHP$61.99/box
Barnes 300 grain TSX FN$74.99/box
Barnes 300 grain TSX FB$74.99/box
Hornady 350 grain round nose$61.99/box
Speer 350 grain Mag Tip$64.99/box
Barnes 350 grain TSX flat base$79.99/box
Hornady 500 grain round nose$64.99/box
Barnes 500 grain TSX flat base$81.99/box

Medium Velocity Loads
Hornady 350 grain round nose$63.99/box
Speer 350 grain Mag Tip$66.99/box
Barnes 350 grain TSX flat base$81.99/box


Load Performance Analogies

    Reduced Velocity Loads

  • 300 grain bullet loads equals the performance of handloads for for the Marlin 1895 in 45-70 or the performance of a modern muzzleloader using a 150 grain charge of Triple 7 powder.
  • 350 grain bullet loads are stepped up to the level of 45-70 handloads for a Ruger No. 1 or the factory spec. load for the 450 Marlin.
  • 500 grain bullet loads duplicate the ballistics of handloads for a modern strong action 45-70 such as a Ruger No. 1.

    Medium Velocity Loads

  • 350 grain bullet loads produce energy levels comparable to our medium velocity loads for the 416 Rigby and Remington with 350 grain bullets.