416 Rigby

Rigby introduced their 416 to the world in 1911. The round was designed to give the shooter of a bolt action rifle the power of the 450 x 3 ΒΌ Nitro Express. The Rigby has a case capacity similar to the 416 Weatherby Magnum but operates at substantially less pressure. The working pressure for the Rigby is about the same as the 303 British round. This is fairly mild by modern standards.

Reduced Velocity Loads
Speer 350 grain Mag Tip$97.99/box
Barnes 350 grain TSX flat base$108.99/box
Hornady 400 grain round nose$98.99/box
Nosler 400 grain Partition$109.99/box
Barnes 400 grain TSX flat base$109.99/box

Medium Velocity Loads
Speer 350 grain Mag Tip$100.99/box
Barnes 350 grain TSX flat base$110.99/box


Load Performance Analogies

    Reduced Velocity Loads

  • 350 and 400 grain bullet loads provide about the same level of power and performance as modern handloads for a strong 45-70 action such as a Ruger No. 1.

    Medium Velocity Loads

  • Our 350 grain medium velocity load is generating over 4400 ft.lbs. of energy. This is middle of the road performance for the Rigby with a 350 grain bullet.